Early Learning Center – The Forest

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Forest!

This month we will talk about the following topics: Community, Thanksgiving and Pinecones.

We are asking everyone to contribute a sealed food item for our Thanksgiving feast.  Our feast will be on November 15th.  The kids will add their part of the snack into the bowl and we will mix it all together to create our own version of the 1st Thanksgiving.  This is the list showing children’s assigned food item. Thanksgiving Day Feast List

We will continue working on identifying our name, walking in a straight, quiet line, sharing and most important HAVING FUN!

We will be reviewing Letters F, H and P.  And move onto T and A.

Our colors will be black, white, gray and pink.

Snack friends and color days:

Snack sign nov

Occasionally pictures of the kids will be posted to Facebook, so like Frankfort Square Park District Facebook Pages to see updates.  https://www.facebook.com/FrankfortSquareParkDistrict/

Here are a few pictures from Halloween.

Thanks! Mrs. Moloney and Mrs. Salgado