Summary of 2018 FSPD Natural Areas Year End Report

The Frankfort Square Park District (FSPD) retained Cardno to manage and control invasive species in 23 parks and components. This included 11 primary parks and 12 secondary parks and components. Starting from March and going through November 2018 (9 months), Cardno provided one field supervisor to assist with restoration consulting needs as well as performing necessary field work within FSPD’s natural areas. Cardno used the report “Frankfort Square Park District Invasive Species Stewardship 2017 Year-end Report, November 14, 2018,” prepared by Brian Glaves, FSPD’s Cardno Service Representative, as a guide of how to go about performing work throughout the current season. This report specifically detailed the primary parks and their associated natural areas that needed to be managed to further enhance their ecological functions and aesthetic appearance. During the 2018 contract year, Cardno scheduled all work based on the following agenda. This agenda addressed all public concerns within any natural areas of FSPD domain as a high priority. This was followed by targeting invasive species within the primary parks and then secondary sites and components. The work of targeting invasive species was scheduled when each invasive species was considered vulnerable or prior to seeding out. The focus areas were primarily large dominant monocultures of invasive species that were easily visible to the public. Feedback from all activities while working on site remained consistently positive from the public.

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The full report is available at the Park District office for public review upon request.  Please contact Ed Reidy, Superintendent of Parks, at (815) 469-3524 to schedule a time during normal Park District hours.