With the onset of colder weather we have observed residents venturing out on ice that covers park ponds. ICE SKATING & ALL USE OF PARK PONDS THAT PLACES PEOPLE ON ICE IS DANGEROUS AND NOT PERMITTED.

None of the park ponds offer a safe area for any on-ice action. You cannot judge the thickness of ice simply by appearance. These open water sites are unpredictable due to a variety of factors such as air and water temperature, salinity caused by street run-off of road salt, water flow, and snow cover that insulates and slows down the freezing process; conditions that create thin ice around all inlets and throughout ponds.

Please inform your children about the dangers of thin ice and monitor their activities to ensure they are not participating in unsafe practices related to park pond access.

The Frankfort Square Park District takes the health and safety of its patrons and staff very seriously and is utilizing all of its professional resources, in addition to daily monitoring the following websites, to ensure your District is always operating in the best interest of the community. For the most up-to-date information and recommendations about COVID-19, please consider visiting these sites:

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