Ice Skating Rink and Sledding Hill

The Frankfort Square Park District provides a lighted rink for ice skating at Champions Park. This facility is UNSUPERVISED and users are voluntarily participating at their own risk. Users should thoroughly inspect the ice before skating. Please be aware of constantly changing ice conditions. Skating conditions can vary hourly depending on temperature and sunlight. Extreme caution should always be used when enjoying these facilities.

Hockey takes priority at the Union Creek Park facility, located on 80th Avenue next to the South Suburban Special Recreation Association Building. The park district is able to flood and freeze the rink only under the coldest and cloudiest conditions. Please watch for exposed concrete and melting ice.

Union Creek Park is also home to a lighted sledding hill, adjacent to the hockey rink. Users of both facilities can also enjoy the natural wood burning fireplace underneath the picnic shelter only a few feet away. Use of the fireplace is by permit only. Call the park office for further information.

At dusk, the lights are turned-on at each of these facilities when conditions are favorable for use. Daily hours are 8:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Fishing at Frankfort Square Ponds

The Park District takes pride in its ponds and has gone to great efforts to stock specific varieties of fish for the enjoyment of our community. Periodically, some ponds are stocked by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Also, the State of Illinois requires anyone 16 years of age and older to secure a fishing license.

Integrated Pest Management

Application of herbicides to park land is necessary to maintain and improve park properties. These applications are done by qualified personnel with proper equipment and in compliance with all appropriate state and local regulations. Integrated Pest Management is employed by the Frankfort Square Park District to manage and control pests with chemical, physical, and biological methods. Components of I.P.M. include fertilization, maintaining mowing equipment, aerating, over-seeding, and chemical application of herbicides.

If you would like additional information relating to I.P.M. or would like to be notified when chemical applications will be done on park property, please contact the park office at (815) 469-3524.