Will County Zoning Change

Finally, the much-anticipated and advertised Will County Zoning change, two years in the making, will enable the Frankfort Square Park District to provide local beekeepers with space for honey bees, thanks to an idea and support provided by Will County. When the FSPD was initially constructed, developers zoned the site as residential. This change will now correctly provide zoning for open space and recreational activities.

Residents have been informed about this project through an April 8, 2016 Daily Southtown article, by Susan DeMar Lafferty titled “Frankfort Square Park District is the bee’s knees” and numerous Executive Director documents regarding this positive action that will promote the FSPD’s environmental mission.

Interpretive signage, located at the FSPD’s Interpretive Gardens will raise awareness regarding the importance that bees, as pollinators, play in our ecosystem.

You may have seen the Will County zoning signage announcing the public hearing for the necessary zoning change that has created many easily answered questions. Click here to review the zoning application.

As always, if anyone has questions related to this or any Park District issue, please contact Audrey Marcquenski, Executive Director at 815-469-3524.