Code of Conduct

The Frankfort Square Park District is committed to providing a safe and fun environment for all participants and guests. By doing so, patrons are required to act appropriately, and are to be respectful of others at all times when using Frankfort Square Park District facilities.

Individuals using Frankfort Square Park District facilities are expected to behave in an appropriate and responsible manner. The Frankfort Square Park District Code of Conduct does not permit use of language or any action that may hurt or frighten another person or otherwise falls below a generally accepted standard of conduct.  Directions issued by the park district staff must be followed at all times.

  • Show respect for all participants, guests, spectators, staff, and volunteers
  • Follow program rules and direction from staff
  • Show respect for equipment, supplies, and facilities
  • Use of abusive or foul language, arguing, fighting, and any other form of harassment or intimidation is prohibited
  • Weapons, drugs, and alcohol are prohibited on school and park district property
  • Report incidents where park district policies are disregarded to staff
  • Report illegal activities to police/sheriff

This Code of Conduct is in place to help make the Frankfort Square Park District’s facilities and programs safe and enjoyable for everyone. If inappropriate behavior occurs, a prompt resolution will be sought specific to each situation.  The Frankfort Square Park District reserves the right to remove anyone whose behavior endangers his or her own safety or the safety of others.

Resident Status

A map showing the Park District boundaries can be viewed at the park office by persons who may question their resident status. Due to bulk mailing requirements, we are unable to control exact mailing addresses.

Program Policy

Due to the possibility of separation anxiety, the park district asks that parents of children who have not been in prior park district programs remain in the lobby for the first day of class.

With the child’s best interest in mind, no parents or siblings are allowed in the classroom – only registered participants.

If your child is not toilet-trained, please make sure he, or she has on a fresh diaper or pull-up. If your child is at risk to need an immediate diaper change (bowel movement), you should plan on remaining on the premises, or be immediately reachable by phone. Our instructors are not in the position to change soiled diapers or training pants.

As we are unable to offer refunds or credits for the Tiny Tot programs, parents are asked to be confident their child is “ready” for this program. A child is “ready” when he/she is “willing” to enter/stay in the classroom without crying. With the best interest in mind, no parents are allowed in classrooms. the park district will try to accommodate your child in a parent-tot program if deemed necessary.

You may access our Program Waiver & Release Form here. Download PDF

Age Limitations

In order to provide your child with the best possible recreational and/or learning experience, all of our programs are planned according to the ages listed in our brochure. Our instructors are sensitive to the needs of the individual age levels. Children must be the age listed in the brochure for each program by the date the program begins unless otherwise specified.

For Your Safety

Please drop off and pick up your children promptly upon arrival or dismissal of class. Preschool age children enrolled in park district programs are not released from a class to anyone other than a parent or guardian unless advance written notification is given to the instructor. Children must be accompanied by an adult when being escorted to and from class.


The staff reserves the right to consolidate, postpone, reschedule or cancel any program due to change in day, dates, times, instructor or insufficient enrollment.

Gift Certificates

Give a gift that offers something special for everyone – the gift of fun and leisure! The Frankfort Square Park District offers gift certificates that can be used for many different classes, activities, and fun events that excite, stimulate and challenge! This gift allows the recipient to choose what to do and when. Gift certificates may be purchased in any amount and can be used when registering for recreational programs. Available year round at the Administration Building, 7540 W. Braemar Lane.